The Faithful Sidekicks


DSC04055aWelcome to the temporary home for The Faithful Sidekicks!

Here you will find the Geeky musical experiments of Eric and Jen Distad.

Here you will find humorous (and sometimes not) songs about everything and anything that interests us like Sci Fi, Board Games, Video Games, and more.

HEY! Eric was interviewed on the Pros And Cons Podcast! where he got to talk about music, board games, and FAWM!

Check out the Podcast here.

On the podcast we talked about the Time Traveler song, which is jam packed with Time Travel references from movies, books, and TV shows.

Here the Challenge!. If you can name all the references, email them to us or leave them in the comments on the Challenge post! We will send a Free digital copy of A Little Light to the first 5 people who can name them all.

The song and lyrics are in the 2013 section below.

Check out the demos below:
(Note! Songs with a * are ROUGH DEMOs. Listen at your own risk. 😉 )

NEW! – FAWM 2014 –

Video Games Inside This House
(Did you see that ludicrous display last night?)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

Goa’uld Love (A Stargate love song)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

Jar Jar Must Go
(At last, something Star Trek and Star Wars fans can agree on…)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

The Ballad of the Beta Unit (about The Last Starfighter)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

Outbreak (Board Game song – Pandemic)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*Really Not That Hard (Board Game song – nicknamed the Overly Complicated Game song)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*Baking Day (Board Game song – Agricola)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*Cool Beans (Board Game song – Bohnanza)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

Rollin’ (Rockabilly song about Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

I Hate Snakes (Alt-Rock song about Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

The Good Ship Fancy (Dr Who sea shanty – Collaboration with DasBinky)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*Doctor Doctor Cure Me (A fun Doctor Who song)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*The Swedish Chef Sings The Blues (A very silly Muppet skit set to music)
Song Page at FAWM.ORG

*Mr Flibble’s Very Cross (Red Dwarf – Series V Ep 4: Quarantine – if you haven’t seen it, this song will make no sense. 🙂 )
Song Page at FAWM.ORG


Beam Me Up (Country meets Redshirts)

Time Traveler (Can you name all the references?)

Temba, His Arms Wide

These Orcs Must Die (Collaboration with DasBinky)


Mahna Mahna (The Grunge Cover version)

You Don’t Say (A bunch of vaudville jokes set to music from FAWM 2011)

Crazy Fast Machine (My PC is a Hot Rod from FAWM 2011)

The Tech Support Nightmare (the story of a bad dream from FAWM 2009)

Lumos (Gregorian Chant based on Harry Potter spells from FAWM 2008)

The Uniquely Average Pirates (extended addition from FAWM 2008)

Wood For Sheep (Settlers of Catan song from FAWM 2007)

Out of Steam (a very rough comedy riff on movie remakes from FAWM 2005)